Video Installation
Video Artist

“Look at Me” is a 2-channel video installation, which consists of two screens, two cameras attached to each TV screen, and one mirror. The viewer will be surrounded by three surfaces (screen, screen, and mirror) structured like a triangular prism.

Representation of Screen-based Self

By arranging the screens and cameras, the installation introduces a logical conflict, preventing viewers from directly meeting their own gaze. This setup prompts a contemplation of the inherent strangeness that emerges when our screen-based selves diverge from our anticipated behavior. What’s the distance between a digital body displayed on a screen and a real body being reflected in a physical mirror? How could you look into the camera and still being seen by yourself in the screen?

The Uncanny Experience of Using a Camera as a Mirror

Although the screen image is derived from the viewer’s portraits, it creates an “outside” feeling when viewers see their portraits in a logically conflicting way. When a camera functions as a mirror and captures the viewer’s portrait, how does a screen-based body differ from a real body?

Make Viewers Both the Subject and the Observer:

By creating a space where viewers are simultaneously the observers and the observed, the installation examines the distance and distinction between a screen-based representation of the body and its physical counterpart in reality.

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All by Wei-Fang Chang