A Dream Under The Southern Bough

Walt Disney Modular Theatre, CalArts, U.S.A.
Projection Design
Video Designer

Set in a fantastical world, this classical Chinese play often draws comparisons to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Retelling its timeless story in a cross-cultural, multimedia environment, this adaptation explores intertwined themes of life and love through a poetic lens of Buddhist philosophy.

A Dream Under the Southern Bough delves deep into the lush inner worlds of all beings and challenges human perceptions of reality.

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Director | Zoë (Duoyi) Wang

Scenic Designer | Yueyi Zhang

Lighting Designer | Jackson Funke

Sound Designer and Composer | Clare Marie Nemanich

Video Designer | Wei-Fang Chang

Costume Designer | Nuoyan Guan

Technical Director | Sophia Prothero, Ethan Geisness

Stage Manager | Cassy Sottile

Photography |  Alejandro Caminos and Liu Qi