Closed Tomorrow

Artist-In-Residence Workshop March 4-22, 2024 @Walt Disney Modular Theatre, CalArts, U.S.A.
Projection Design
Associate Video Designer

The collaborative duo of celebrated Taiwanese dance phenomenon Chen Wu-kang and Lucille Lortel award-winning performance maker Sun Ruey-horng conjure the ongoing neurological impacts of pandemic on our expressions of liveness—the body, its aura and its spiritual core.

In a technology-driven collaboration that charts new dimensions in live dance and video performance, Closed Tomorrow makes legible the dancers’ real-time adaptations to a rapidly changing, heavily mediated performance space. At the same time, fast-fire live-editing allows bodies to break through the limits of physiology, invoking new possibilities for our emergent world.

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Concept | Chen Wu-Kang, Sun Ruey-Horng

Dancers | Yacnoy Abreu Alfonso, Jessica Emmanuel, Chen Wu-Kang, Jules Mar, Madison Stamm

Video Designer | Sun Ruey-Horng

Lighting Designer | Fujimoto Takayuki

Sound Designer | 晟 SHENG

Scenic Designer | Jane HamorRehearsal

Director | Wu Ho-Ju

Associate Video Designer | Wei-Fang Chang

Associate Sound Designer | Clare Marie Nemanich

Assistant Lighting Designer | Cad Apostol , Emma McManus

Producer | Debbie Huang, Rui M. Xu

Production Manager | Bill Ballou

Stage Manager | Rebecca K. Hsia

Associate Production Manager | Winky Kim

Associate Producer | Elizabeth Price