Echoes from the Uterus

The Sharon Disney Lund Dance Theatre, CalArts, U.S.A.
Projection Design
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Mother used language and attitude wholeheartedly to insult me and wholeheartedly to love me. - Suzuki Suzumi

Inspired by Giada’s own story with her mother, this 30-minute dance show explores the love from the “Uterus,” a space intended for nurturing yet laden with the constraints of societal expectations. The daughter is released from the uterus the moment she is born, but forever echoes what was rooted in that body, to obey and be an appropriate woman. Through this piece, the audience is invited to empathize with the subtle oppression, pain, and enforced conformity that women endure in a patriarchal society.

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Director/Choreographer | Giada Jiang

Producer/Production Manager | Fina Zhou

Scenic Designer | Yueyi Zhang

Lighting Designer | Jackson Funke

Video Designer | Wei-Fang Chang

Music Editor | Bamboo Hu

Sound Designer | Emma Zhan

Costume Designer | Ruijun Zou

Dramaturg Consultant | Gefei Liu

Graphic Designer | Anli Ding