Exhibited in Kaohsiung Exhibition Center and K.T. Creativity Award
Interactive Art
Visual Programming / Interaction Design / Concept

InterBox is an interactive art installation, exploring the perception of self image reflected in a heterotopic mirror interface in different temporalities. 

Inspired by the concept of ”Heterotopia'' from Michel Foucault, I developed a heterotopic mirror interface using a webcam installed inside an acrylic box (15x15cm) mounted on a stand. 
Spectators can open and rotate the box to perceive their self portrait transformed using real time image processing to reveal a reconstructed self image.

Superposition state of inside and outside

Imagine spectators standing inside the box via the webcam set in the box, capturing real-time experiencer’s images; however, they simultaneously outside the box by the projection of self-reconstruction in the exhibition space. 
When experiencers watch into the small box, meanwhile, they are being watched by themselves in the projection, which visualizes time flow by real time image processing.


‧ K.T. Creativity Award | Category of Interactive Technology Art – Honorable Mention
‧ TAICHI Demo Conference (Taiwanese Association of Computer Human Interaction) | People’s Choice Award – Third Place
‧ Vision Get Wild Awards | Nomination for Creative Planning Award & Interdisciplinary Design Award

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Cover Image

Interaction Design

Rotate the box

When the participants rotate the box, the hourglass will rotate in real time according to the angle sensor processed by TouchDesigner, Arduino and Unity systems. 

The hourglass represents the direction of elapsed time and guide participants to rotate the box. Each rotation angle (0°, 180°, 270° and 90°) of the hourglass corresponds to different temporalities: forward flow, reverse flow and stagnant state, respectively.

Open the window

When participants open the box, the webcam will capture their self portrait which is then processed in real time using TouchDesigner and projected on the wall in front of the spectator; when the box is closed, there is a projected 3D graphics of an hourglass on the wall, representing the elapsed time.

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Concept & Interaction Design|Wan-Ting Tseng, Wei-Fang Chang, Jia-Wen Foo, Ting-Kai Chen

Software Integration| Wei-Fang Chang, Jia-Wen Foo

Visual Programming |Wei-Fang Chang

Hardware Design|Wan-Ting Tseng, Wei-Fang Chang