Kaohsiung Exhibition Center, Taiwan
AR / Motion Graphics / Exhibition
Visual and Motion Design / AR Filter / Concept

“HooHoo” is the theme of the graduation exhibition in the department of interaction design in National Taipei University of Technology.

Hoo creates a one-way entrance of interaction.
HooHoo creates the entrance and exit with the aim of bringing into both-way interaction.

Through the “Hoo Hole” and Follow the “Action Lines”, start the interaction!

Is the "Hoo Hole" we entered the exit or the next entrance?
It seems that we end in the exit but meanwhile we start with the entrance.
Following the IXD characters’ “Action Lines”, we can create, dialogue, interact, and dig into the process of interaction design.


‧ Taiwan Motion Awards: HooHoo Promotional Video | Category of Motion Graphics - Bronze medalist (Link)
‧ Vision Get Wild Awards | Nomination for Creative Planning Award

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IXD Characters

From User (Cursor) , Graphic Design (Anchor Bro) , UI & UX Design (Toggle) , Programming (I-cursor) to Modeling (Triaxial)

Interaction Design is multidisciplinary. We create five IXD IP characters related to five main fields in interaction design.  
User is the Cursor, and we invite them to be involved in the process of creating interaction design works with HooHoo characters.

Click here to see more IXD character's life in the promotional posts

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Curator & Project Director|Mo-Jiue Lin

Project Manager|Hao-Teng Chang

Visual Design|Jun-Yu Lin

Motion Design|Wei-Fang Chang

Exhibition design|Hsuan Chin, Chih-Hsuah Chu

Marketing Director |Wan-Ting Tseng

HooHoo AR Filter Design|Wei-Fang Chang

HooHoo Promo Video Design|Wei-Fang Chang

HooHoo Video Sound Design|Pin-Zhu Wang

HooHoo Website Design|Tzu-Shan Li